ZInzi  jewel fragrance


Zinzi was founded in 2003 and in 14 years has grown into an international fashion jewelry brand. Zinzi loves fun, fashion, feminine and affordable luxury! Zinzi has had two best friends for years: Kim Feenstra and Fatima Moreira de Melo. The ambassadors adorn almost all advertisements of Zinzi; for example, the large billboards along the highway, or advertisements in prominent magazines such as Glamor and Linda! Zinzi loves accessories! Not only of silver jewelery but also of watches, eau de parfum, nail polish, suitcases and much more!


Zinzi is sponsor of the trendy TV program Holland's Next Top Model and has collaborated with the well-known TV program "All You Need is Love".


Commissioned by Zinzi Jewel and a perfume manufacturer, we have developed a total concept for personal care in collaboration with the Zinzi Jewel license agent. Guidance from the production process, sampling to the ultimate total store concept.