Interim Management

All interim projects or partnerships have a mutual interest. ENA works with a transparent revenue model and fixed consulting rates. Consisting of recruitment and office costs in combination with a variable earnings model by means of a Joint Venture. After a research period, ENA makes a plan of action together with its business partners. To gain insight and get clear on what base we can start working with our partners.

1.Sales Development; consulting hourly rate

- Sales Inquiry – Marketing Tools – Sales Development – Customer Needs – Trends –Licenses

2.Product Placement; consulting hourly rate

USP- Competitive Analysis-Account Screening-Sample Screening-Strenghts Weaknesses-Product Price Promotion.

3.Direct Sales; consulting, in combination with a variable revenue model

Setting Sales Strategy-Consulting-Product Launch-Agent Agreements-Distribution Agents-Sales Contracts-Commission Contracts- Sales Team-Sales Training-Promotion- Logistic Platform.

4.Account Management Customer Follow; consulting, in combination with a variable revenue model

Customer Account-Feedback Tools-Follow Path-Market Signals-Long termvision

ENA analyse

De ENA (swot)- analyse geeft een duidelijk beeld om met elkaar in dialoog contractueel afspraken te maken.